Five Industries of the Tourism Sector


1)      What are the 5 industries of the tourism sector? /2.5

The 5 industries of the tourism sector are:

  • Accommodations
  • Food and Beverage Services
  • Recreation and Entertainment
  • Transportation
  • Travel Services

2)      Why was there a change from having 8 ‘sectors’ to 5 ‘industries’?  Be sure to list the 8 sectors and explain the reason for changing to 5 industries. /3

The 8 sectors are:

  • Transportation
  • Food and beverage
  • Attractions
  • Meetings, events and conferences
  • Adventure tourism, recreation and ecotourism
  • Accommodation
  • Travel trade
  • Tourism services

The Statistics Canada and the Canadian Tourism Commission with the United States and Mexico and come up with an agreement on a North American Industry Classification System, to form the 5 Tourism industries instead of the 8 sectors.

Ex: Recreation and Entertainment is a new industry group that made from the categories of Adventure Tourism and Recreation, and Attractions.

3)      Complete the chart below by matching the different sectors with the industries.  The first one has been done for you.  Note that while there are 8 sectors, there are only 5 industries.  There will be more than one sector of some of the industries. In addition, not all the sectors match to an industry.  /2.5

8 Tourism Sectors  

5 Tourism industries

Transportation   TRANSPORTATION
food and beverage    FOOD AND BEVERAGE SERVICE
meetings, events and conferences    
adventure tourism,  recreation and ecotourism   RECREATION, AND ENTERTAINMENT
Accommodation   ACCOMODATIONS
travel trade    TRAVEL SERVICES
tourism services    

4)      Choose one particular industry and describe in detail.  Include…

  1. A detailed description of the industry. /3

FOOD AND BEVERAGE SERVICES provides the service of fast service and fine dining, it promote customers the service of pubs, bars, nightclubs and so on. Food and Beverage Service also involved in bookstores, department stores and casinos. Many restaurants have diversified and coming out their own products, while many specialty cafés now market their products to airlines and offices.

  1. Examples of Canadian organizations/businesses that are part of this industry. /2
Program name:Certified Chef Cuisine (CCC) School:Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
  1. At least 3 jobs available in this industry with descriptions of the work and training required.  /6

Food Service Counter Attendant:

A Food Service Counter Attendant takes the customers’ orders. They prepare certain easy foods like milkshakes and ice cream dishes. The have to wraps foods directly on the plates for service to patrons, and packages takeout foods. The average salary for this job is $11.00/hr.

Training: Kitchen Orientation Food Service (Metro Continuing Education)


The Cooks prepare foods for the customers and they cook a wide variety of foods. Their job includes complete meals or individual dishes and foods and also special meals as instructed by the chef. The average wage is $12 per an hour.

Training: Cook Apprentice (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology)



Chef is the manager of the kitchen in a commercial food establishment. They are responsible for ordering, receiving and properly storing the food, inventory control, waste calculations, food safety and the overall cleanliness of the kitchen and so on. They are responsible for the work of estimates food requirements and calculate food and labour costs etc. The salary for this job is $24/hour.

Training: Certified Chef Cuisine (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology School)

  1. The number of people employed in this industry (use the numbers from 2005) /1

There are 753,300 people employed in this industry.


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