Three Green Cities in Canada !



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Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant

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       The water smart city Edmonton has limited rainfall and water supplies. So Edmonton’s people came up with “Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plan“, a program that treats wastewater for 700,000 people in Edmonton.

The process includes:

  • Pretreatment
  •  Primary treatment
  •  Activated sludge secondary treatment 
  •  A second set of bioreactors

Using a specialized biological reaction process to remove remaining impurities, and medium-pressure UV disinfection.

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This program will make the citizen life better.


  • Economic benefits
  • Environmental benefits
  • Social benefits
  • Operational benefits.


Petro- Canada could not increase its freshwater withdrawals from the river for use in the new desulfurisation process.


Overall (bixi)

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Bixi rental bicycles are now available in some Montreal neighbourhoods and the city started installing the popular bike stations.  There are about 150 stations and for Monday morning, there will be 650 bikes provided. The rest of the fleet will be ready April 15.

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     The most bike-friendly city in Canada Montreal spent millions of dollars on public transit, including doubling its bike paths from 400km to 800km and introducing a public bike program —- Bixi.       Bixi is a program that encourage people to ride bike for short trips. All you need to do is pay $78 per year, then you can take bikes from Bixi station on the roads as many times as you want for 45 mins and additional fees is required if u take the bike more than 45 mins.

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     The advantage of being a green city is less pollution, which means better and healthier environment for people to live. However, to become a green city takes a very long time, and a lot of money too. Montreal spent millions just for public transit, not included other small green programs. And also, to regulate those programs is difficult. It can be a huge money waste if some immature people damage those public facilities.


  • Routes for bixi that connect to sharrows (infrastructure)

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  • Contra-flow lanes required


  • In the city, bikes are faster than cars for distances under 5 kilometres.
  • Bikes are cheaper. (On average, bikes cost $200 per year for maintenance and accessories.)
  • less polluton
  • Easier for parking.
  • Bike-riding Exercise.
  • May enjoy the view of the city as pedal the way to work.


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      Calgary is the only municipality in Canada that uses at least 75 percent of its electricity from the renewable sources like windmill and it sets a goal to hit 90 percent in 2012 by reduce more non-renewable resources.  Also, Calgary intends to decrease the percent of the waste we make from the landfills by the 2020 and also to stabilized the water use levels and the population they have which is 1,079,310.


  • Built Environment System
  • Economic System
  • Governance System
  • Natural Environment System
  • Social System

Wast Management

  • 85 percent of the waste generated within Calgary is diverted from landfills by 2036.
  • 75 per cent of construction industry waste materials are recovered for reuse and recycling by 2036.
  • By 2036, 85 per cent of waste materials are converted to other useful products.

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In Calgary many places get their energy resources form the windmill. Windmill basially is a machine which converts or captures the energy of the wind into rotational energy by a number of blades inside the windmill. Windmill provide us clean and has natural energy, and it causes less pollution than other energy machine.  It’s a really useful machine for everybody on the world.  

WindMiill in Calgary:

N 51° 02.244 W 113° 56.759
12U E 293466 N 5658114


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Giant Windmill Blades in Calgary      
Modern engineer spent times on those Wind turbine in Downtown Calgary. 

Wind turbine


Wind turbine

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Calgary Green Program — ImagineCALGARY

        The green electricity capital Calgary is the only municipality in Canada. The advantage of being a green city is less pollution which means that people can take public c-trains, which is run by electricity.  Also Calgary has a program called imagineCALGARY. The purpose of it is to help Calgarians create a better future and better quality of life for generations. Specifically, it holds events to gather people and celebrate for certain things, such as:

  • Local food producers
  • Arts
  • Cultures


  • Water uses (not enought water for the grass)
  • Challenge of sustainability



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